Welcome to Timea Turdean's Pod

Hi there,

I am currently working on SolidOS which is the code for what you are currently seeing now. This is my personalised Pod in the Solidverse. Let me guide you through this new universe.

What you currently see is actually my homepage. Yes, you can do that on your Pod too. But first things first. What is so different about this parallel universe? The biggest takeaway is this: all this write-up, HTML, CSS, and whatever my Pod contains is MINE 😈 ! What does this mean? It means that all this data is NOT on Google, WordPress, or AWS, or wherever you have your blog/homepage running. Why should you care? Well, maybe this is not the most prominent use case but this is how it starts. You own your website, then your blog posts, then your photos, then your medical data, and so on.

I invite you to go down the rabbit hole together and see what NEW things this can bring, what a new future we can imagine together.

What I am currently working on:

More about Solid:

  • 🎯 for learning about Solid read about Solid and visit solidproject.org;
  • ☕️ to try out Solid read getting started with Solid;
  • 📝 for how to use SolidOS visit the user guide;
  • 💻 for the SolidOS code visit SolidOS GitHub;
  • 🍲 for the SolidOS stand-alone desktop app visit Data-Kitchen.

  • Visit my Solid profile & chat me up: https://timea.solidcommunity.net/profile/card#me